Hand Push Mobile Compactor (4 Variations)

  • Cold rolled steel plate for the whole bay body and shelves.
  • Square hollow section and steel flat bar for the track/rail.
  • Cold rolled steel bearing and bearing base.
  • Finish with powder coating.
  • Compartments:
  1. 4 Bay- 915 W x 419 D x 2170H x 2440 L
  2. 6 Bay- 915 W x 419 D x 2170H x 3280 L
  3. 8 Bay- 915 W x 419 D x 2170H x 4120 L
  4. 10 Bay- 915 W x 419 D x 2170H x 4880 L

Hand Push Compactor offers a modern solution for today’s increasing need for space maximization compared to traditional methods of storage. 4×1 /6×1 /8×1 /10×1 Bay Depth Hand Push Mobile Compactor central lock is provided on the back of the last single mobile bay for simple locking purposes.


4 Bay, 6 Bay, 8 Bay, 10 Bay


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