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Grey Fabric Sofa with Chrome Leg

  • Office Sofa
  • 1+2+3 Seater
  • Fabric
  • Cushion: High-Density Foam
  • Cylinder type of metal leg with shiny chrome finish
  • Size 1s: W890 X D925 X H890Size 2s: W1500 X D925 X H890Size 3s: W21050 X D925 X H890

In the busiest day, we all have a lot of challenges, obstacles, and a lot of pressure and stress. Often situation, we take a rest, sitting a while to recover our mental. This is the perfect sofa for those people. The sofa with the finest materials, excellent built quality with simple style, make space become more stylish and beautiful. We put the high concentration in focusing the comfort and softness.

Grey is a classic color, yet is color of professionalism and formality. While we releasing stress using this sofa, the color brings an image of formal feel, make us stay focus on our works and tasks. Simple design with minimalistic color.


Full Set, 1 Seater, 2 Seater, 3 Seater


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