Chipboard With Lamination And Lock Keys For Storage Cabinet

  • Storage Cabinet
  • Chipboard With Lamination
  • Lock Key
  • Durable And Strongly Built
  • Color: Light Beech
  • 3 Door Dimension: 600(L)x400(W)x1135(H)
  • 4 Door Dimension: 600(L)x400(W)x1505(H)
  • 5 Door Dimension: 600(L)x400(W)x1875(H)

This storage cabinet design with safety lock key which to make sure that your stuff is safe. Made from chipboard with lamination with light beech color. This storage cabinet is very strong and durable. Suitable for home or office used.

Storage Cabinet With Lock Key

3 Door, 4 Door, 5 Door, Full Set


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